Friday, September 11, 2015

The Idiot Lazo says: Total Bollocks

Next he'll be telling us he's a Sex Pistols fan.

Once again proving he continues to login to his accounts, and therefore is perfectly capable of deleting his blackmail lies, Craig "Killtown" Lazo blogged yesterday about Flight 93:

He probably really did blog yesterday, unlike his other retcon blog posts.  But it's clear his heart isn't in pushing the truther con anymore.  All he can do is repost an image from the government evidence files with some uninspired scribbles:

September 10, 2015

The Flight 93 crash story is... 


...totally bollocks(link removed). 

  The word "bollocks" is linked to his lame website that Lazo has yet to figure out has been hacked:
Either that or he has no clue how to fix it and is hoping no one will notice. Mind, according to Lazo, this hasn't been the first time.  Let's just say, whining about being hacked is the goto excuse when Big-L Libertarian conartists can't just admit someone flaked on paying the hosting provider or they just have no fucking clue how to Internet:
September 18, 2006 has been hacked!

Update 09/19/06: is up and running!

Update: Now my mirror site is coming up "could not be found"!

It’s been down for 2 days now. If you go to my mirror link, it sends you to a site called “Expired Domain” and says this domain name has expired. I emailed Brad at who runs who said the domain shouldn’t be expired and he thinks it’s been hacked. Hopefully we’ll have it back up and running very soon.

Posted by Killtown at 9/18/2006

superstar said...

just a good life
9/18/2006 11:26 AM
brad said...

i cant figure this out.
ive been calling infinology, the host, for several hours.
i left 2 messages yesterday, and 2 today,
also opened 2 tickets on the server.
not 1 damn response.

not the first time ive been hacked though, just the first for

my batcave sites

brad's 911 batcave
have been the target of several attacks.
the batcave DOMAIN itself was bought out in September of 2003, and my sites were down for several months.
traffic was BOOMING and they went down on September 8th of 2003.

again, this happened lst month.
it wasnt bought out this time, but all of my sites went down.
i was able to re-register a few of them
this i tried to re-registeer, but i never got the confirmation email.
i went to the web-forum for users to post problems with the site, and posted my problem. no answwer.
i added a comment that it had not been answered, and the next day the whole forum was shut down.
it remained down for wqeeks, and just came back up.
They (part of the forum) had said that some sites were being deleted if they were "inactive"

my 2nd post
My site is NOT inactive, i log in every few weeks, and it gets lots of traffic

Please can someone help me ?

i sent an email to 2 different batcave addresses
support and another one (forgot now)

as well as this web board,
still nothing ?

heres the reply to my post...
By inactive - it means you may not have edited the site in probably 4 or more months. Your account seems to exist however so you might need to restore your files. I don't do these purges that often and I don't expect doing another one soon.


Also, the first time they went down, i used another free host called
i went through the same thing with them.
it was bought out, not told sorry by anyone, no advance notice.

This has to be targetted.
i am a fully paid customer with, never late in payments etc...
i just paid for this year for the domain
and i still am having problems.

the other strange thing is,
i dont see the problem
the site works fine for me.
all of my pages come up fine.
i cleared the cache cookies and history, shut down the computer etc...
and it still seems to come up OK.

but using a proxy, and every one else trying, shows the site to be down.

strange or what ?

9/18/2006 4:21 PM
brad said...

as im writing this i am getting RST attacks to my mail server. i have a firewall thats alarming right now.
just a coincidence i guess
(sarchasm ON)
9/18/2006 4:45 PM
Dude, just pay your hosting provider on time, or buy more bandwidth, FFS.  At least we know who's been paying Lazo's hosting bills all these years.  

Now the point of this post is not to take the piss out of Lazo and his pathetic attempt to keep up appearances, as easy as that is.  If readers recall, last we wrote, if Lazo and gang hadn't removed their lies , etc, we might take a look into the wq2rx/porn video harrassment project, set up by Lazo's buddy Fetzer. with the help of delusional Brit "Spiney":
Well, it's hard to tell what's next if Mr. Lazo continues to ignore his instructions and refuses to remove his lies.  I suppose one could prove members of his group, especially members pretending to be attacked for fighting "rightwingers" knew about the porn-video harassment program dreamed up by the wq2rx people.   And that some of the images included minors but they still didn't lift a finger to report them and continued to work with these sleazebags in private years later.
Yeah, let's go with that, frauds willing to dabble in paedophilia to protect their conspiracy confidence game. Until next time, Au Revoir!  

But, honestly, it's getting all a bit dull.  The same ol, same ol.  Lazo and company are clearly not intelligent enough to have a clue they're washed up conspiracy has beens. Or they have no life outside the conspiracy arena so they have nothing to lose.   I might return the the pedo/dancing girls porn videos subject, but it's almost not necessary.  Within the last couple years, Lazo and associates have, in various ways, shown they are either out of the game or have brought unwanted attention to themselves:

  "Spiney" aka Andew Kelly, who used to run Lazo's facebook page after his first one was disabled after TOU complaints, has passed away.  And Lazo shouldn't look to Spiney's buddy "Logicfish" aka Mark Fisher for help as Mr. Fisher got himself detained and sentanced to a mental ward for spreading the type of lies that made Lazo lose his Facebook account.  Hmmm... hope they told Lazo the password or he's SOL.  LOL.  

Then there's Lazo's Portland buddy, a fraud and conman called Petros Evdokas, whose hiding in Cyprus after being caught running a list with Holocaust deniers who, among other things, invited a convicted Right wing bomber to speak, trying to pass him off as a "political prisoner".  Evdokas was arrested this summer for spreading lies about the Cypriot Minister of Health, resulting in his detention, interogation and confiscation of at least two computers. But not before he paints himself as some martyr among the more gullible human rights activists on Facebook:
Following the arrest, the website writers posted that due to the backlash of the satirical letter, they claimed that:
– Their families were being harassed
– They were being threatened with criminal prosecution
– They were under investigation for an online crime
– A police injunction was issued to immediately remove the article
– The police were acting on direct orders from the Head of the Cyber Crime Unit, Superintendent Andreas Anastasiades.
Reminds me, someone should give the Cypriot media more tips on this sleazeball.  Anyway, Lazo probably won't be begging for Evdokas' help again any time soon, like he did at this link(dead):
 [Imc-cyprus] [KEEP PRIVATE] Threatening article posted @ cyprus.indymedia by a cyberstalker
 Killtown killtown at
Thu Jun 28 13:35:05 PDT 2012
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A cyberstalker has posted this threatening and slanderous article:

Please remove.  Thanks.

Then there's mutual associate Phil Berg, a sleazy lawyer who was suspended for malpractice and ethics violations.  If only this would happen to all "truther" lawyers.  To those aware of conspiracy circles, Berg was the the one trying con people into filing frivolous RICO suits against the Bush administration.   

Alas, none of these frauds have landed in federal prison, but we can't have everything.  At least not immediately.  But if we wait long enough, someone will do somethings stupid enough, or should I say, more stupid than usual, and the house of cards will come tumbling down. In the meantime, we'll just remember Lazo's words on the subject:  yes, truthyism is all bollocks.