Monday, September 1, 2014

The Idiot Lazo Accuses FBI of Planting Plane Parts

It's been two years since Craig Lazo's updated his Killtown blog.  I guess, not wanting to be caught faking it three years in a row, he's decided to start posting now, a week before 9/11:

 September 01, 2014

Photo of FBI planting plane parts at Shanksville

See how the FBI planted this engine here.

 "Here" is a link to his other idiotic conspiracy blog:

 That is a slideshow supposedly proving something.  As one commenter says:

smartguy17 said...
Really? 10 years later and you still want to throw out conspiracy theories? Maybe some stories differ, but in the end people lost their lives on this flight. You should respect them and stop trying to play this off as some hoax, which it isn't. Nobody needs to prove anything to you. Just ask the families of those lost. I bet they would say that it was a big hoax and that their loved ones were never killed. Oh wait no they wouldn't.

But smartguy needs to understand Lazo is constitutionally incapable of admitting he's wrong about anything.  For instance it's been over 3 years since he was emailed, and rather civilly all things considered, to resolve the difficulties he's created for himself.  Not only has he failed to get a lawyer or other legal representative not part of the "truther" scam to contact people, but he still has his lies about "genghis and sparks" on his blog.

From the last blog:

 Next up:Was  casseia's house photo posted by a stalker at 911taboo? Or was it another fraud casseia was playing with Craig "Killtown" Lazo and Jennifer Wynhausen?  Or maybe someone wants to get a representative to email and resolve this?

Hopes aren't high....

Hopes weren't high, and it's a good thing too.  As expected there been no responsible response from any party on any front. 

First, lets be clear, the photo in question is not casseia's house,  though she  heavily implied "someone" she knows who "likes to hide their IP address" was responsible.

  This was part of a sick pathetic game played on the webmaster of 911taboo with Jennifer Wynhausen, who posted under a variety of nicks, including "I know what you did last summer" and others.  Wynhausen used a proxy for most of these activities, though apparently casseia didn't.  It was the usual ruse of one person apparently being open and honest, with a "mysterious attacker"... that some how had gotten hold of outdated photos of casseia from an article about her old restaurant that only casseia had in her possession.

Edited photo, pixelated:

image downloaded from post at 911taboo

 Note: this could not be found anywhere on the internet at the time and I never had a copy, or knew it existed in digital form, until Wynhausen posted it at 911taboo. Also note, the image posted on the forum has sharp corners.  Below is a screen of the same image found in an obscure neighbourhood newsletter years later:

embedded in newsletter, note smaller size

 Note the frame from being embedded in a document.  The person pretending to "stalk" casseia had the original, sans frame, and larger, at a higher resolution.   They could have only acquired this from Casseia herself.  And I know for a fact the image was never seen by me in digital form before it was posted on 911taboo.

Pause to absorb the idiocy of it all.  Particularly when Casseia was posting a veritable runway collection of publicly available vanity shots at Facebook (something a person claiming to be "stalked" does not do).   Now, if they'd used one of those, it would have been much harder to prove it was all a fraud.  People would just  say Casseia was an idiot and a flake.

 This echoes a bit of the "OMG I've been Mashed/I saw him but have no idea who photographed me" story.  

The last garbled sentence, "I have a vague recollection of someone taking it, but I can't remember who or whether it was someone I recognized" is one of the most pathetic attempts to cover all bases written in the English language. If one can't remember who took it, of course the person was not recognized. But the statement makes sense if Casseia knew exactly who did take her photo and was worried other people knew and wanted to give herself some plausible deniablity. At the very worst she could then say she was "confused". The photo of her friend Petros was much more damning because it was cropped so close obviously he was talking to someone, and that someone is a friend the photographer.

I expect the idea might have been, that because the photos were obscure, an attempt to fit me up as a "stalker" with inside information.  But for that to work they needed to prove I had a digital copy before this fiasco.  All it proved is they were lying and scamming.  Remember, there are no agents, just conartists shitting their britches they've been caught.

And posting a photo only in the possession of the "victim", proved she'd given it to Wyhnausen and/or associates and was a willing participant in the con:


Her reply:

Apr 2 2008, 01:04 PM

That's me :)

Unlike some people who shall remain nameless (ha ha) I don't really mind people knowing my real name.

I see that the IP is DC area, but then I can think of at least one person who doesn't like me who likes to disguise his/her IP.

Italics mine.   This  house photo goes further: 

fake house Casseia claimed is her ex's

 If  the IP was the same as the portrait post,[] it is NOT from DC.  It is a static  proxy server based in Chicago.  Why she'd suggest it was from DC is a mystery, since it's so easy to look up.  Some of us get better techie advice than others.

Her reply to the house post is lost to the Internets, but Casseia claimed this was the house she co-owned with her ex, and therefore only someone who knew her could be "stalking" her.  Like a certain moronic lawyer would do years later regarding the pedo-lite stalking videos, Casseia was implying "Jenny" was behind posting the house to "stalk" her.

This is all garbage and a comparisons with Google maps  with the house Casseia owned with her ex and house she was known to live at, [identifying information edited out--these are only posted for comparison]show "casseia" knew she was lying on the forum:

real ex's house, blurred

last residence, blurred

A pity the exact reply is lost.  However, before Ms. Nose-grows-a-lot gets too comfortable, as Mr. Lazo knows, Invisionsfree can actually restore a forum if there is sufficient motivation to.   

 The house picture used by Jennifer and/or company was probably swiped from a realestate website.  All to create a fabrication to set up someone they defrauded up as a "stalker".  For a person who brags about two clergy parents, she's a bit fuzzy on the Commandments, particularly :

 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour"

It wasn't her "opinion".  

She's not "mistaken".  

Casseia was deliberately lying to protect the fraud her 911 group was perpetrating and to protect some of the most vicious participants, including Craig "Killtown" Lazo.  

Well, it's hard to tell what's next if Mr. Lazo continues to ignore his instructions and refuses to remove his lies.  I suppose one could prove members of his group, especially members pretending to be attacked for fighting "rightwingers" knew about the porn-video harassment program dreamed up by the wq2rx people.   And that some of the images included minors but they still didn't lift a finger to report them and continued to work with these sleazebags in private years later.

Yeah, let's go with that, frauds willing to dabble in paedophilia to protect their conspiracy confidence game.

Until next time, Au Revoir! 


Another post from 911taboo:

Hello from Portland

Posted: Mar 30 2008, 08:03 AM


I was reading thethread about banned identities which mentioned the
Portland 9/11 Truth scene and thought I would register and contribute my
 two cents where appropriate. Ciao