Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Idiot Lazo whines about No Paper Trail

It's been another year and nothing from Craig Lazo's representative.  Most of his haunts are abandoned or vanished, but he still has it out for Ms. MCclatchey at his blog.

Proving he logs into his  accounts(and therefore should have no problem following simple email instructions sent 3 years ago), for the 9/11 anniversary he spread more innuendo  about Val:

September 11, 2013

No paper trail

Am I the only one who's bothered by this?!
Regardless if you think the 'End of Serenity' photo is fake, or not, if I, or any other truther for that matter, claimed to take a photo of a national tragedy and started selling copies of it and claiming to give all the proceeds to charity, the skeptics and the media would be demanding for transparency!
But saying you forward your profits via the honor system, accepting checks under your own name instead of the charity's name, able to keep money from checks not under your own name, choosing a charity that's been accused of seeking profits from a tragedy is somehow OK. 

Jeeze Louise, Craig of all people has no reason to complain about frauds!  He is a fraud.  All his Portland group did was suck people into frauds.   The only one who ever said Mcclatchey's charity was profiting from a tragedy is, CRAIG 'KILLTOWN' LAZO! 

But I digress.

When last we blogged Mr. Lazo, he was whining to fellow Nazi cozy con artist Petros Evdokas to please, please, please remove a "threatening"  article.(read at link).  There's not much to add to Lazo's retarded ways. 

Except his latest mailing address is now known.    

Hmmm.     I wonder if his old buddy Lew Rockwell knows. 

Don't know Lew Rockwell?  Rockwell is/was Ron Paul's right hand man.  Yep, Racist Republican Lite Ron Paul who for years made millions(literally) selling subscriptions of his personal newsletter filled with racist, homophobic and Anti-semite conspiracy rubbish.  

So anyway, when Mr. Lazo decided he was a libertarian, sometime in 2000-2002, he suddenly went under ground, adopted his "Killtown" id, and started pushing conspiracies.    Lazo built up a rep as being censored by acting a fool on every forum until he was banned.  Problem was after that he couldn't sell Tin Foil. 
The libertarians backing him cooked up a scheme, roping in  a guy called "slick" to pay to register and host a forum Lazo and other libertarian friends could push  their conspiracies.  Lew Rockwell was an administrator at that forum.

This Lew Rockwell:

If anyone was seeking to profit from a tragedy pushing conspiracy's  it was Lew Rockwell, (and Ron Paul by proxy), Craig "Killtown" Lazo, and the entire team of crazies he worked with. 

Lazo also worked with a Marvin guy at Santa Clara Libertarian.

I wonder if either of these people(Lew or Marv) could explain to Lazo why he needs to delete the lies and other information?

Guess time will tell......

Meanwhile,  email Lew and Marv and see if the gang wants to have a reunion.