Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Idiot Lazo blogs: Lee Purbaugh's plane, the forest damage, and the three Shanksville High students

 Another year, another conspiracy anniversary.  And still no email from a representative of Mr.  Lazo to try to resolve anything.  Instead Craig Lazo felt his time was better spent blogging his so called "research" with a lame teaser blurb:


September 11, 2012

Lee Purbaugh's plane, the forest damage, and the three Shanksville High students

Check back later for some very interesting facts about this!
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Well, hopes weren't high and at least this way more fun can be had at Lazo's expense.

As last blogged, the next item was proof Lazo's creepy lawyer friend Ginny Ross knew him personally.  However it seems someone beat this blog to it:

 Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
From: Ginny Ross ginnypdx@comcast.net
Subject: Re: [911] Does anyone know this guy?
To: war_on_peas@yahoo.com, OR 9/11 Activist Leaders

Tim thinks that "Casey" is the witch Jo who has been harrassing Jennifer.
If anyone does know Craig (who is pictured) you might want to warn him
that he might be in the sites as a new target for that succubus.
Safe travels all,

The phrase "If anyone does know Craig (who is pictured)" is so transparent--duh, obviously Ginny knows Lazo, otherwise she wouldn't be able to tell people who it is!--one wonders who she thinks she's fooling. (Be nice to know what the picture was, but it's obviously of Craig Lazo, since his girlfriend of the time Jennifer was mentioned.)

 In 2010, Ginny was to reprise this stupid act on one of their public email lists, as well as trying to frame "Jenny Sparks" for making the pedo inspired stalking videos of "Ozzybinoswald":

Re: [Portland911Truth] Fw: its the shit and lazo is hiding it
 Posted By ginnypdx   Sun Oct 3, 2010 10:57 pm
That's about the same story with me. These lunatic emails come once in a
while (formerly quite a lot) especially from Sara, Petros and someone
name Col. Jenny Sparks -- I can't even remember -- trying to blame me
for some sort of fracas that happened regarding a D.R. Griffin speech.
They said because I am a lawyer I was responsible for solving the
turmoil. What a crock. I don't even know these people nor was I present
at the alleged fracas. Sparks went on to try to discredit me online and
make bizarro video tapes.
I really don't know what their problem was. I
am just an ordinary person who doesn't believe the 9/11 myth --- one of
millions. To this day I haven't a clue what their whole spaz attack was
about, but it could be that I was doing things like giving 9/11 info to
the Oregonian and working on the Topoff drill, etc. They think they
stopped me perhaps. Another crock. By the way, the cc to my address is a
feature of the Yahoo group settings. I am going to change it so I don't
get a cc of my own emails.

"Sparks went on to try to discredit me online and make bizarro video tapes."  The only bizarro video tapes Ginny can be talking about are the "WQ2RX" crap that was produced and promoted by Jennifer Wynhausen, Craig Lazo, their friends "Spiney" and other cult victims.   Because looking at "Sparks" video account shows only two videos, neither of which have anything to do with Ginny. For that matter, the only content in the WQ2RX videos that mention Ginny, is the shit that proves the videos were made by her group and/ or friends of her group, because they ask for help from Ginny Ross to identify people targeted by Larouchies:

And the maker of the videos were known to both Ginny's friends Lazo and Wynhausen, because "Ozzybinoswald" always signed his"work" with an image of his well known avatar, slightly blurred in the video:

ozzybinoswald's well known avatar

From a video with this image of Petros--using a transition sequence found frequently in "Joe Anybodys" videos:

 "Joe Anybody" is probably the guy who provided the raw footage.  He's a member of the group, known to both "Casseia" and Petros, and is also a crypto Nazis whore.  Recently publicly spanking by Portland Antifa, "Joe Anybody's"involvement in using his anarchist cred to collect surveillance footage for cultists is examined here:  http://pdx911truthalliancedramatica.blogspot.com/2012/03/joe-anybody.html

 The "these lunatic emails" Ginny is talking about is someone inquiring(?) about Craig Lazo, that she's shares with the list in an attempt to pretend she doesn't know him:

Fw: its the shit and lazo is hiding it    
Posted By:
    Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:30 am 

Can anyone explain what in the world this is and why 'gastropod29' sent
it to me? I recognize Sara's name in there. It makes no sense whatsoever.



'Labels: Adam Syed, Colman Jones, Craig Lazo, Craig Ranke, Gretchen
Esplanada, Gustapo, Gustavo Espada, Keenan, Sara Lamadrid, Scott
Creighton, wtcdemoliton.com'
Then the usual games start, emails back and forth pretending surprise and spinning everything as a conspiracy by COINTELPRO. Richard Frager, close friend of Lazo and Wynhausen , claims to have no explanation:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Portland911Truth/message/563

 Another nutter thinks it's a virus trap(to be fair this is possible):  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Portland911Truth/message/564

and another eegit who unwittingly confirms the group has contact with CRAIG LAZO:


 Re: [Portland911Truth] Fw: its the shit and lazo is hiding it   
Posted By:  Mr_Roy_McCoy
    Sat Oct 2, 2010 1:02 am 

Beats the hell out of me too. Gustavo Espada is the motor of the Harvard 9/11
Truth list, which I'm on (university affiliates only). I'm interested in what he
has to say about the "Gustapo's Gas Chamber" page and his (purported?)
blogger.com profile. Some clarification might also be coming from
<gastropod29@...>, to whom I am also copying. I see Craig Lazo is asserted
to be the 9/11 truth researcher Killtown, who I recall was criticized by some
people (who wasn't?), but whose studies I always found pretty interesting and
plausible myself. I'll copy to him too.
Hey guys, can you throw any light on
this? Thanks.


 " I see Craig Lazo is asserted to be the 9/11 truth researcher Killtown, who I recall was criticized by some people (who wasn't?), but whose studies I always found pretty interesting and plausible myself. I'll copy to him too."

 Like many over educated idiots, precise language is their downfall.(see the "casseia"/"anaphora" connection: exactly the same over educated phraseology)  .    The subject Roy is talking about is  Craig Lazo:  "I see Craig Lazo is asserted to be the 9/11 truth researcher Killtown".  When Roy says:  "I'll copy him too", the "him" is the subject Craig Lazo.

Thanks Roy for that confirmation.  There's a  rumor at least three people are willing to confirm Craig Lazo sat in the same room with Ginny Ross, accompanied by Jennifer, during the months of September and October of 2007.  But it doesn't look like their testimony is needed.  Yet.

Soon after this email sharing flub by Ginny Ross, Lazo was moved back to California.  

What a stupid cunty lawyer.  All this to help Lazo avoid dealing with his problems and deleting his blackmail lies.

For the 11th Anniversary we have double(triple?) trouble.      Lazo and Wynhausen's little friend "casseia", the sneakiest of closet racists, was trying to wheedle information out of black 911blogger members, knowing full well racists were reading her posts:

Come out come out wherever you are.

I know at least one bloggerite who identifies as African-American. In just the same way that I encourage female posters and gay posters to come out and "lay the real thing on (us)" as David Bowie would say, posters who are not white dudes should say it loud and say it proud -- if they want to.
 Is this a good time to remind readers fellow radical anti racist anarchista Petros was caught posting with racist Tim Titrud?   Probably not, but what the hey--the hypocrisy never gets old: 

Trying to lure black users out to be targeted by racists cunts....People wonder how this cow sleeps at night. Probably with lots of meds. 

As follow up act "casseia" took to creative writing, that is "making shit up":

Okay, I figured that was something...

You youngsters these days and your weird little... icon... thingies.
I'm violating one of the primary rules of message board use right now -- do not drink and post. Earlier this evening I went out to see a war resister guy -- someone who had gone to Canada and come back named Darrell Anderson -- speak. I was by myself, and this young woman who was by herself took the seat next to me. I thought she was probably a highschooler and so I asked her, well, what brings you here? She said, I'm an Iraq vet too -- I got out three weeks ago. Then she asked me and I said I was into 9/11 truth and that most people who are into 9/11 truth see it as a means to end the wars.
As soon as the guy started to talk, this woman totally lost her shit -- doubled over and sobbing. I put my arm around her and offered to take her outside but she wanted to stay. She made it through his presentation and got up to make her own statement during the Q and A. The one simple thing she had said to me before the presentation started was just "A lot of things happen there that they won't ever show on tv." She's a combat vet. Afterwards someone asked her "How can you be a combat vet if they don't let women be in combat?" (Not in a confrontational way -- more in a jeezus christ just one more official lie kind of way) and she just laughed. Then she apologized to me for getting upset during the presentation and I cried. I gave her my email and told her to get in touch with me if there was anything I could do.
Anyway, I had to come home and have a tasty high-alcohol Belgian ale. Now I have to go to bed.

This incident has never been confirmed by anyone in reality, making it likely one of the many stories told by this individual to get attention/sympathy.   A bit elaborate, but no more than the lies she helped Lazo spin in early 2011, that led to the removal of Lazo's Facebook page:

 The idea that Sparks/Greg/911TNL were the same people was invented by Casseia, and taken up by Craig Lazo.  This is the ONLY place online Lazo could have gotten this incorrect idea, it is no where else on the Internet.   Which implies Casseia had communications with Lazo at some point so he could know where to see it.(Lazo may have linked to it directly at one point.  It was archived, but not available.  If it's found, this blog will be updated.)

To see what happened to Lazo's "proof" as a result, go to this blog post:

To see what happened to Lazo's killtown facebook account, just click the old link:
   "Page Not Found"

Facebook was not amused.

Which leads into the third humiliating expose of Lazo and his associates:  earlier this year Lazo bleated  to Petros to get stuff down, hypocritically stuff proving Lazo is a liar, covered at this website:


Craig "Killtown" Lazo:[KEEP PRIVATE] Threatening article posted @cyprus.indymedia

 [Imc-cyprus] [KEEP PRIVATE] Threatening article posted @ cyprus.indymedia by a cyberstalker
 Killtown killtown at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 13:35:05 PDT 2012

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A cyberstalker has posted this threatening and slanderous article:


Please remove.  Thanks.

The "threatening" article, that can be read at the blog above, demands that Petros/Lazo/etc clean up the lies and other bollox posted online.  Which of course they don't do.  Petros pretends the White House is out to get him, lol, and ignores Lazo's request, which is doubly funny.  

But the best bit is his warning about visiting portland indy media and this blog:

{Editor's Warning: we have ascertained that the owner of the website below takes the ip numbers of visitors and uses them to entrap visitors, embroiling them in accusations similar to those in this article. Please be advised that by visiting this link you are taking a risk.}


That's rich coming from a fake informant troll whose entire purpose is to "embroil people" in drama with fascists/racists.   That entire antifa Tim Calvert expose on indymedia?  What people don't know is Petros-- and "casseia" for that matter--would work over time trying to get people to email, contact, talk to Tim "the Nazis Cunt" Calvert or show up to his stage managed meetings:  

Oh man, meeting at LH was very bad for me
Friday, September 7, 2007 12:30 PM
From casseia@yahoo.com

Hi everybody,

I realized at about 9:26 this morning that the meeting at LH that I had invited Glenn to attend with me was in fact TODAY at 10 am, so I just jumped in my car and went over.  As it turned out, it was a personnel committee meeting to address some of GlenO's acts, but I was told that I was welcome to testify.  Richard Frager barreled into the bookstore toward me and started yelling at me that I was cointelpro, vile, despicable, that I sponge off my parents, that I suck, blah blah blah and was asked SEVERAL times by the women who were there (Marcia and Ellen) to stop, at which point he decreased in volume and continued on muttering in the same vein.  At one point when he and GlenO left the room, I told the women that if there was one more degree of escalation I would call 911 because I was not sure I was physically safe.  They said, oh don't do that. Richard had plopped his fat ass right next to me, so I moved a chair away.  Then Barry came in, and out of three empty chairs, took the one right next to me.  I said that I was not comfortable with that, and then the three men began a bitchfest about "Oh, she's not comfortable -- poor her -- poor filthy cointelpro lady" and the women asked Barry to move and he refused.  Then he was asked to leave, as was Richard, and they just laughed and started ranting about free speech and rolling their eyes.  Eventually he moved over.  Then Juniper arrived, and Ellen took her aside for a confab and explained what was going on (I imagine) and she came and sat right next to me, between me and Barry.

These guys are just complete fucking idiots.  They talked to the three women like they were shit, interrupted, acted as though they were running the meeting.  Unfortunately, Dominic arrived very, very late (as I was leaving, having given my testimony) and Tim C did as well, so they didn't observe the behavior.

I was pretty calm while telling my story and answering their questions.  Not surprisingly, the little truthers have been on their best behavior at the meetings that have been observed and did not appear to buy my contentions that there is racism, sexism, anti-Semitism.  Evidently Tim C has entered crazy land -- he jumped straight down my throat when I mentioned anti-Semitism and it was very hard to convince him that he would get no argument from me about Zionism and the Jewish State, but that I did object strongly to disparaging remarks about "the joos" and those who let that crap pass unchallenged.  He asked me if I knew who Norman Finkelstein was and I said I didn't, although as soon as he started talking about the guy I realized that I did know about him.  So I mentioned that I was familiar with the work of David Cole and that the big irony of my life is that I have the pleasure of being called a pc cunt in real life and a holocaust denier in the blogosphere, because of my work at wtcdemolition's blog (which makes SCRUPULOUS distinctions between religion and political ideology.)  Anyway, I think he is, in fact, convinced that Petros and I are both paid disruptors.

Richard had made a lot of remarks about how suspicious I was -- that I didn't work, primarily -- and so I told the LH people that although I didn't really feel like it was their business I would answer any questions about the choices I have made in life including living with parents so that I don't have to work while I go to school.  Incidentally, while the three pdxers were in the room, I did not respond to their baiting in any way -- and they pulled out all the stops trying to get a reaction out of me.  I took Petros' advice to heart and just thought "I'm here to talk to the LH people and the pdxers are just not relevant."

Anyway, there will be an report-back about this at the general meeting on Sunday.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to go to that -- Petros and I had abuse heaped on us by the "peace" people on Wednesday night, and I just wasn't sure I was up for it.  BUT I AM NOW.  Glenn, if you're still up to it, let me know and yes, it would be a good idea for us to gather our wits together prior -- either Sunday morning before the meeting or anytime that might be convenient for you during the day on Saturday.

So, if the dissenting faction wants to be represented at this meeting, we will need to come up with documentation of the group's racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and so forth.  I felt really crabby about being doubted on this when we've gone through so much, and I think it's going to take hard copies of things from the archives to carry any weight.

Anyway, Dominic completely missed the meeting, Tim was late and missed most of the fireworks.  Also, no one informed either me or Petros that this was taking place -- I thought Dominic was all eager to have us come to this kind of meeting.
Richard's side of the story:

From:      Richard Frager  science@zzz.com
Date:      Sat 09/08/07 11:10 AM

 * VERY IMPORTANT, please contact David to help staff the table at 
Portland International Airport every day next week at 

* We are making a weekly get-together at Lucky Lab EVERY Saturday night 
from 7-9+ pm PLEASE invite members of other social-activist groups that 
you belong to. Lucky Lab: - 915 SE Hawthorne.

* There is an important staff meeting at Laughing Horse books on Sunday 
at 10:30 am to address the infiltration of the cointelpro group that is 
hell-bent in destroying the 911 Truth movement. Glen, David, Barry, and 
Richard had to hurry there on Friday to give testimony on the 
infiltrators. One member of the cointelpro was there, we exposed 
her!! Steve just wants us to abandon Laughing
 Horse for another  location. We have met years past at a coffee shop on SE Division, which  is an excellent location. Of course we still may move but we cannot 
allow the terrorists to win!
Observe Richard's slip:  "terrorists".    The same meme pushed by those bizarre videos Ginny was nice enough to remind everyone about.   Can't keep their story straight.   As for the Antisemitism--that's been known about Calvert for yearsIt's a bit odd people like Petros, who have been involved with these clowns since 2004/2005 just noticed it in 2007.

In response to this lying whore's statement: "we have ascertained that the owner of the website below takes the ip numbers of visitors and uses them to entrap visitors," 

until this moment no blog vistors IP addresses have been published.  The ips published have been from EMAILS, hence the title "emails from eegits".  And weblogs Lazo unwisely made public.

That's about to change...NOW.

From the department of self fulfilling prophecies, a visitor from......CYPRUS.  Well, technically 3 "visitors", but we can all guess who it is:

IP Address:

Location:Nicosia, Cyprus

ISP:Cyprus Telecommuncations Authority
(No referring link)
31 Dec 201100:57:28
31 Dec 201100:58:49
31 Dec 201100:59:51
31 Dec 201101:01:01
31 Dec 201101:02:25
31 Dec 201101:06:16
(No referring link)
31 Dec 201101:06:57
31 Dec 201101:08:30
31 Dec 201101:27:34
31 Dec 201101:28:38
31 Dec 201101:28:41
31 Dec 201101:29:00
31 Dec 201101:32:14
31 Dec 201101:32:25
31 Dec 201101:33:25
31 Dec 201101:33:31
31 Dec 201101:34:35
31 Dec 201101:34:48
31 Dec 201101:35:03
31 Dec 201101:36:09
31 Dec 201101:37:23
31 Dec 201101:39:21
31 Dec 201101:41:55
1 Mar00:09:33

Second "visitor" :

Referring URL:   

IP Address:
Location:    Nicosia, Cyprus     Cable Dynamic Ayia Paraskevi
Date    Time    WebPage
28 Feb    02:54:38   
Third "visitor":

IP Address:
Location:    Nicosia, Cyprus      ISP:    Cable Dynamic Nicosia West

Date    Time    WebPage
3 Jun    08:52:09   

We'll let Lazo sign off:

"Keep checking back today for some very interesting facts about this!"
In this case, facts about Lazo's derangement and avoidance behavior.


PS:  Maybe nowish is the time Lazo's friends could tell him to read his bloody email and follow the instructions.  Or not.   Exposing Nazi cozy creeps is fun....so it's up to y'all.