Sunday, March 18, 2012

Idiot Lazo obsesses about Flight 93, avoids real problems

About a year ago "casseia" helped Craig Lazo spin more lies about people at wtcdemolition, which he cheerfully linked to at Facebook in March 2011. Lazo asserted several Facebook users were one person and were stalking him and he "proved" it with this image:

Which has unsurprisingly disappeared from Lazo's account. From a copy of a complaint:

Harassment/Privacy violations

This image is a collection of lies pushed by your user "killtown", whose real name is Craig Lazo; his most commonly used IP address is currently

5 years ago I was invited, under false pretenses, to an email list Lazo shared; I was told the list was part of anti war activism, but it was actually a front for Nazi friendly cultists. When I left the group, they used my information, without my consent, in intimidation tactics(including email harassment and stalking from Lazo's friends) and a variety of lies. This image is the latest example of the same.

About a year ago, Mr. Lazo , with the help of Sara "casseia" Lamadrid, resurrected these lies and used this image to spread them on Facebook, where this image was hotlinked in a public post. I filed a complaint with Facebook; as a consequence Craig Lazo lost his "Killtown" Facebook account.

However this image is still being used to spread the lies other conspiracy forums, and history has shown Lazo/Killtown will probably use it again somewhere else:

I was never a public figure, nor have I ever given permission for my personal information to be used in any, way shape or form.

I have tried to contact Mr. Lazo to resolve whatever issues he believes he has, but my emails and instructions have been ignored.

I have had to file multiple complaints against other members of his group, at various websites(including Yahoo groups, Myspace, Invisionfree forums) for using my personal information in similar inventions. Lazo/Killtown is angry he lost his forum to TOU violations(It was managed by Invisionfree and I had filed a complaint, as had many other people), but he has become obsessed with blaming me personally.

I would also suggest removing Mr. Lazo's account given his history, but I understand he may not have as bad a record with imageshack. A warning is definitely overdue.

Please remove this image from your website. Thank you in advance. More information available on request.
The image is gone, but no doubt if we wait long enough Craig Lazo will upload another copy because he's just that dumb.

Equally unsurprising was the loss of Lazo's Facebook account. Apparently Facebook wasn't as impressed with the supposedly connections Lazo and "casseia" had made, probably because Facebook is in a position to actually know which Facebook users are which, free of conspiracy paranoia.

As we have seen before, attempts were made to contact Craig Lazo and resolve whatever he thinks his problems are.

With that recipe it can only mean more fun in the future!

Or....Mr. Lazo can read his email, follow instructions and the rest of his group can stop pretending
they don't know him or who he or the fact they've helped him.
And delete his blackmail lies.

Typically, Lazo ignored this, tried to get his UK friends to do his dirty work for him, but to no avail. Rumor is he's banned from yet another forum, though he's not bragging about it this time. Still, there was hope he was quietly behind the scenes working to rectify his mistakes. Sadly this was a vain hope. Instead he's returned to dredging up old conspiracy news:

Did 100% of Flight 93 supposedly survive?!

So, since no one has still heard anything from Lazo or a representative, I guess we get to have some more fun.

In the first blog Lazo's forum was alluded to:

Evidence of discussions Lazo had with other members to invite them to register at his forum,
and proof they did!

On an email list run Ginny Ross, talks about a forum arise--the911stalker opens the subject:

From: Jennifer Wynhausen


To: Ginny Ross , Oregon Truth Alliance<>

Subject: Re: [911] David Cobb in Portland next Friday

Date: Sat 10/06/07 11:54 PM

I would love to go, Ginny, and thank you.

I am feeling a little bit disillusioned right now. We need more people to either decline or commit to going to events. I feel like I send out emails about events and get one or two responses. Not everyone can attend everything, and that is more than understandable, but come on group... this is pathetic. What do we care about, sitting around and sending emails? What good does that do?

Also, Ginny, we have talked about setting up a website. I'm curious if OTA has the ability to set up a forum, a private forum that we could use as to not waste a great deal of time at our meetings. We could vote on logos, etc, and use our time to talk about real issues.
Darris picks it up:

From: "Darris Mishler"
Cc: Ginny Ross
Subject: [911] The Law of Gravity at Lents
Date: Sun 10/07/07 07:39 AM

I did go to the Lents Park deal yesterday ... this gal tried to chase me off: "What does 'this' have to do with what we are doing here today?" she said, sneering at my whackadoodle sign. "Well," I replied, "it's a large chunk of your message here. They're using 9/11 to justify hatred towards Muslims and all races: by taking away our civil liberties, listening in on phone conversations, reading our emails, sneak & peeks, this endless "War on Terror," et cetera." She came back with "Alex Jones is racist. You're with Alex Jones; Alex Jones is racist." "Where on my sign do you see any mention of Alex Jones?" "Alex Jones, is one of the main 9/11 Truth guys" she said. "I'm not promoting Alex Jones here." Round and round it went for a few minutes. Some other guy came up shortly after she came up and just stood there behind her trying to intimidate me. Whatever. It was very strange. Needless to say, I stayed. I should have came back with: "So, since Hitler believed in the Law of Gravity I shouldn't 'cause if I do that makes me racist ... ?" Good fun. She parted with something along the lines of "I don't care about 9/11, that has nothing to do with today, it happened a long time ago." Unreal.

As for going to events and the such - just go (this is easy for me to say since I'm a guy, I guess). But one isn't going to get out there much if they're waiting for other so-called Truthers or whomever to show. - And to tell the truth ... I get pretty disheartened too going to event after event and not seeing other so-called Truthers there. I'm kinda flaky though - so I have little room to talk: I only caught the last 20-minutes or so of the Lents Park deal - I don't know why the hell they had it clear out there where no one could see us ... seems very odd and suspect. The forum idea is a good one - Craig mentioned that to me; it'd also cut down on mass emails here.

Craig Lazo definitely did mention it, because in no time flat--give or take a couple months-- 911movement .org had a Portland 9/11 Truth sub group and Darris was on it:

Though he waited until the end of the year. Loyal gf she was, the911stalker registered soonest. on Sept 3rd, so it's kinda strange she didn't bring up the forum first, but then she's blonde so we can't expect too much. Holocaust denier Tim Titrud would join later, but that's another story.

Next: creepy lawyer Ginny Ross knows Craig Lazo! Unless Lazo actually gets a clue and get a representative before then...but that's as likely as hell freezing over.