Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Very Special Day for the Idiot Lazo

Since no one has heard anything from Lazo or a representative, I guess we get to have some more fun! A bit of his Portland group's fraudulent activities plus news hot off the presses!

Apparently today Craig Lazo will be either 41 or 42 years old, although he insists on acting like he's 14. For some reason he can't admit he started a fight and lost, and this is in fact all his fault and he can fix it any time he wants to.

For instance, when he was emailed with an option to resolve his conflicts with people, instead of taking the opportunity, he ignored it. It is known he received this email, because he tried to get his new best friend, Annie aka doyoueverwonder in Gainesville, Florida to trick people into registering at her forum to get more personal information on them. Annie also retconned Lazo's thread at Beyond Politics and 9/11 [ ], making it appear as if “Mirandapriestly” started it. What Annie aka doyoueverwonder needs to do, as she knows, is delete it completely. We'll wait a bit and see if she smartens up.

Meanwhile Lazo's UK friends Spiney aka Andrew Kelly and Logicfish aka Mark Fisher have been spreading Lazo's lies on facebook, again, two lies in particular:

1: that Genghis and Sparks blackmail people
2: They run Killtown's Secret Archive :

A little known fact: Lazo got the idea Genghis and Sparks were “behind” Killtown's Secret Archive from none other than Casseia who posted it at

Casseia has been publishing her personal info herself since July 2006, contrary to some lies she's told certain webmasters.


I posted at Amazon under my real name, a month ago, when this book was first mentioned.

Please note that people are invited to VOTE on the helpfulness of forum comments. (So far, 0 of 1 people have found my post helpful. I'm sad.)

Sara Lamadrid

PS I assume "they" know who I am already.

Submitted by casseia (not verified) on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 6:11am.

That's her choice, but she can't make it for anyone else. While she was pretending to be stalked at 911taboo, she was also helping Jennifer Wynhausen feed fake information to the webmaster there. For instance, this post is almost a complete tissue of lies from beginning to end:

Word is, there was no personal contact since August, not October. A handful of emails is not personal contact. Casseia has been in the same room as Wynhausen on at least two occasions, possibly with Lazo. She knows Wynhausen attended the event because Wynhausen's email was forwarded to her.

"I have no idea who Killtown is and the idea of that he's a Portlander is very strange" is the most revealing lie. If she doesn't know who he is, why would she think it strange he's a Portlander? This can be proven a lie because while Lazo posted at the website Casseia modderated he was in Portland and she would have know that by his IP address, as would the webmaster:

So she knew she was lying. The last garbled sentence, "I have a vague recollection of someone taking it, but I can't remember who or whether it was someone I recognized" is one of the most pathetic attempts to cover all bases written in the English language. If one can't remember who took it, of course the person was not recognized. But the statement makes sense if Casseia knew exactly who did take her photo and was worried other people knew and wanted to give herself some plausible deniablity. At the very worst she could then say she was "confused". The photo of her friend Petros was much more damning because it was cropped so close obviously he was talking to someone, and that someone is a friend the photographer.

While Casseia outsmarted herself at 911taboo, her friend Petros was trying to do the same thing with the people running Killtown's Secret Archive. But he got caught linking from Craig Lazo's forum after saying he had no idea what the purpose of their blog was or what Lazo's forum was. Oops.

It seems this event pissed “Casseia” off so much, there was only one thing to do: attack someone and lie to save face. Craig Lazo has echoed her lies ever since, in spite of zero proof they have shown to date. [Much like the abject lack of evidence for his blackmail lies. Though in that case they seem to be solely Lazo's invention].

Of course they needed to find someone to blame because they were terrified the secret of their creepy so called 911 group would unravel: they are all part of the same group and have worked together for years.

While both Casseia and Ginny Ross told people on their lists they didn't have anything to do with each other, Petros and Casseia were managing the main group's email list that Ross still posted on. Meanwhile, during this time, Ross told people on her list, “I have to meet everyone before adding them to make sure they aren't Sara or Petros”. More shocking is the Holocaust denier Tim Titrud , a close friend of Wynhausen and Lazo, still having posting privileges on the main list run by supposeded anti racists Petros, as Antifascists on indymedia discovered a few months ago:

"Raises some serious questions...anyone know this Petros guy? That sounds REALLY weird if he was part of this group and Indymedia. "
Indeed it does:
"petros evdokas
indymedia progressive warrior or lying douchbag feeding info to racists?"


Dear, dear that's not good. That looks like inviting people into groups under false and fraudulent pretenses. Hmmm, much like Casseia paying for the primary group meetup group, long after she supposedly had nothing to do with it:

Note the first meetup was started by Ginny:

Months later “Casseia” started another one, and no one questioned this.

Obviously there was an off list agreement to close one and start the other. And Cassiea continued to pay for the meetup of a group she loudly claimed she had nothing to do with, well into 2008, until she passed it off to a man called Patrick Beart:

One would think deleting and refusing to pay for a meetup group racists used to network would be high on one's priority list...but of course she knew about and worked with the racists from the beginning. Word is she thinks she's going to live happily ever after in the CIA, er, Fullbright Scholar program and try to pretend none of this happened. Good luck with that.
Casseia is still connected to Lazo's constellation of creeps and con artists. She was the one who invented the lies Lazo started spreading in March that led to the suspension of his Facebook account.

Now Mr. Lazo's friends Kelly and Fisher(who set up Lazo's new Killtown facebook page ) have been recruited to this task. They set up a charming group on facebook to continue spreading Mr. lazo's lies about Genghis and Sparks:

Lazo must think that because they're in the United Kingdom they'll get away with it or something. The problem is, every single talking point they have is straight from Lazo's mouth.

These talking points lost Lazo his facebook account, can't wait to see what happened to Kelly and Fisher's Facebook accounts, especially after writing this:

"This group contains instructions for dirrect action we can take against these scum bags until their site gets taken off line."
We can only hope more level headed members ask for proof this is "their site". It continues in this vein:
"Crimes: impersonating others, joining pedo chat rooms. Blackmail and death threats to close down sites he doesn't like."
No you blithering fools, Lazo's friend Fred made death threats; Thomson aka Ozzybinoswald was the one using pedo material:

And no one, to the best of anyone's knowledge, has been blackmailed.

[Mr. Lazo, for the past 2 years, has failed to produce a blackmail letter or email OR report this supposed crime to the authorities. Which is a rather bizarre oversight for someone screaming across the Internet he supposedly knows who Genghis and Sparks are. Keep in mind his ex, "the911stalker", works for a state agency and if there really was a crime, she should have had no trouble getting someone interested in "checking it out" 2 years ago. Of course that would have led to awkward questions about the man living with her at the time....]

But interesting the pronoun changed. Lazo wants people to say Genghis AND Sparks, but most of them only get one, and since this is the linch pin of his ever changing story, it unravels at the slightest scrutiny.
"They may even be scientologists..."
Really reaching there...though Thomson pushed this.
" or have information about them that can't be posted publicly..."
Like the info Fisher shouldn't be posting in the groups description? Flags in someone's future...

They're both pretending to be aggrieved that a blog that has been dead for 2 years is somehow out to get them. Most of the people supporting their endeavor are long time friends of Thomson aka Ozzy, so it's really quite obvious this is a job they're doing for their dear mutual friend Craig Lazo.

“Spiney" is one of the few people who friended Wynhausen's live video account.

Spiney is also said to have befriended the 911taboo webmaster under false pretenses in late 2007, then proceeded to sabotage the website with porn spam. Not sure on the facts but, seems rather likely considering Ozzy was all over that action.

Speaking of Ozzy, the Jesuit reference on the Facebook page comes from a kid Lazo recruited, "Tsukasa", but Ozzy promoted it as fact like all his rubbish about Mark Humphrey. When Lazo was pretending he thought Sparks, Angel and Atlas and others were all the same people, Ozzy was still posting on an email list with “Atlas” as anyone can see here if you search for the flake from Halifax, Nova Scotia by full name:

And a search of her gmail id, one can see she was posting on and off during the same time Ozzy was active. Ozzy definitely knew who she was. So why the big pretense from Lazo, Thomson and Patton that they didn't know who she was? Going as far as finding an obvious fake?[out of respect for someone both fake and real names are omitted here] And why didn't the flake in Halifax pipe up when Ozzy started spamming about the Harley Guy?

There's another con exposed for what it's worth. Final note: “Spiney” is now the Halifax flake's best online friend.

Meanwhile Mr. Lazo thinks he can run from his past. Not bloody likely:

Mind, no one cares what Craig Lazo's calling himself these days, either at Political Forum or ATS. Live and let live. But first Mr. Lazo needs to clean up after himself.

-He knows he should have never publish info from his group's private list.
-He started a fight he didn't have to have.
-He lost.
-He's been contacted to resolve this and has ignored it for months.
-Instead his solution is to set up his UK friends to do his dirty work on Facebook.

Something for Mr. Kelly and Mr. Fisher to consider: when has anyone come off the better for helping to defend Mr. Lazo and his online activities?

-Lazo's exgirlfiend was caught in email harassment as the911stalker, and confirmed by IP address she lived with Lazo.

-His webmaster “Slick” lost his forum to TOU violations.

-Thomson aka Ozzy was caught with videos including minors in sexual situations and is banished in disgrace.

-“Mirandapriestly” was visited by the FBI for spreading threats online and has wisely shut up.

-When he asked his Portland group to spread Ozzy's Harley Guy lies, the entire Portland 911 group lost credibility overnight.

So why do Kelly and Fisher think they will fair any better? They couldn't protect Lazo from his mistakes then; they can't protect him from consequences now. All they're doing is leaving a glowing virtual paper trail proving they're helping Lazo, because no one spread's Lazo's shite except his Portland group and his friends.

No one is “going after” Mr. Kelly and Mr. Fisher. If they let it go and they'll probably not loose their facebook accounts like Craig Lazo lost his.

Mr. Craig Lazo: delete all the shite, tell everyone who helped to delete whatever they published, read your email, follow it's instructions.

If you unwisely deleted it, get a representative to request another copy.

Or carry on and we'll all have more fun soon. It's up to you.

Until you deal with this like an adult, neither you or your ex girlfriend will stop hearing about it.

Now, blow out those 40 some candles before the house burns down!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the Tenth anniversary of 9/11 the Idiot Lazo is still without a clue

Apparently Mr. Craig Lazo was recently wined and dined on the Ghosts of the Republic where he has a NEW SMOKING GUN about the holes he's been digging for himself, er, investigating in Shanksville for almost ten years. What he should have been doing instead is remove all the lies about people he's published, in particular the lie he was blackmailed by genghis6199 and sparks. But failing that let's have a bit of fun.

Mr. Nico Haupt, an interesting individual at the best of times, outed Lazo in January of 2010(dead link, twitter link). Usually I don't approve, but for such a persistent, creepy, unrepentant liar, I'll make an exception. At the time Lazo appeared to be in Oregon, though word is he's moved back to California. New and old information given to me seems to confirm this.

First lets go back in time to an email list, 911InsideJobbers, that no longer exists...perhaps because it was used for passing personal information to right-wing Larouche cultist cyberstalkers. What they had to say about themselves[from archives]:

Inside Jobbers is an ad hoc think tank stemming from 9/11 research and
In the absence of any investigative journalism and any real
remaining "independent" media sources, this group is the premiere
source for analysis of current events; specializing in 9/11, false
flag terrorism, psy-ops, and geo-political NWO policy watch.

Our goal is the exposure of the monumental crime of 9/11 as a military
operation and media hoax, with hope of ending any further aggression
under the guise of the frame-up on humanity - aka "the War on Terror"

This "exile"-group formerly existed for advanced former members of '911TruthAction' to reconvene 'should anything happen to our original group'.

The former description included:
"...Its original purpose was to develop clear opposition projects to both democratic and republican party, gatekeepers, fake anti-war organizers, fascism and the cover-up of US' orchestration of Sep11th attacks.
Without a clearly defined purpose it is less a target to be subverted..."

This exile list was once 'established' by Jolly Rogers, who decided to become a 'planehugger' and censored those, who didn't follow his thoughts.
The list was created on July 3, 2005, and moved a few banned members of 911 Truth Action into it.
This list was then immediately renamed into "9/11 InsideJobbers".)

That sounds cozy is a very paranoid way. What it leaves out are the myriad connections to Larouche, Von Mises, and Casseopiea Cult[who appears to be responsible for the Pentagon Strike video], Individuals I can disagree with, but when a cult is behind something, you know there's an agenda. So there's Mr. Lazo having a holiday with friends or family and he decides to make a post about September Clues:

[911InsideJobbers] Q&A with 'September Clues' maker at
Wednesday, November 7, 2007 3:45 PM
From killtown Wed Nov 7 15:45:30 2007

X-Yahoo-Profile: killtown
Mailing-List: list; contact

Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 23:45:30 -0000
Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Q&A with 'September Clues' maker at
Visit: http://forum. 911movement. org/index. php?showtopic= 1975

As we can see, his ip was safely in Northern California, since at the time he lived in Oregon--which he was to return to by the end of the month as this email header from Mr. Lazo shows:

Tue, 27 Nov 2007 23:58:50 -0800

Received: from []
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 23:58:50 -0800 (PST)

From: Killtown
And not only does that ip match his ex-girlfriend's "the911stalker",
it also matches an email SHE sent early the next year:

X-SID-PRA: Jennifer Wynhausen

Sat, 15 Mar 2008 11:41:41 -0700

X-Originating-IP: []
From: Jennifer Wynhausen [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

To: [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

Subject: quick and easy

Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 11:41:41 -0700

I heard a rumor that you vouched for me. Regardless of how I feel about th=

e bigger picture here, it seems like your intentions were good. So I thank=


I am not part of the Portland group and I have no plan of participating wit=

h anything formal surrounding 911 ever again. If I do, I will never say an=

unkind word about you.

Good luck to you.

Mind this was the same woman who would work with "Anaphora" at 911taboo and try more head games as "The911stalker",
proving her "nice" email was a tissue of self-serving lies.[Rumor is she's at it again--using her fading sex appeal to try to get info out of other lads... but that's another story]
And it doesn't end there. Mr. Lazo's own website logs at are open for public to see,
so presumably he doesn't mind:

In September 2007, the same:

February 2010, after a move to the burbs:

Here's the Idiot Lazo thinking he's being sneaky by having his girlfriend browse to one website:

But not before their little helper "Anaphora" scouted the way first:

And you could always tell, during the 2 years he lived there, which is Lazo and which is his gf
because Lazo likes to brag about being a linux user:

And recently June 2011, after his move back to California:

Confirmed from another website only too happy to share:

[Edited so he doesn't feel the need to change it or scream he's being "stalked". Besides, even
if he does change it,
I'll find out. Eventually. Hint: remember those email addresses Craig
his creepy friends liked to publish to intimidate people? Turns out people used those emails to contact them with questions about Lazo and his creeps, to confirm information
or offer the target(s) information ABOUT Lazo and his creeps.

They didn't think that one through: "Let's publish people's private emails so anyone who has
info on us can tell them all about us...WHOOPS!]

Well that was fun!

We should do this more often! Imagine, if only Craig Lazo and his creepy
group had listened to people telling them to leave them alone and leave them out of their "games",
we probably wouldn't be having this much fun now!
Alternatively, Lazo or one of his "mates" could have taken the many opportunities given to them years ago to
resolve any issues like civilized adults. But for some odd reason they thought intimidating people and
pretending they didn't know each other was a higher priority.
With that recipe it can only mean more fun in the future!

Or....Mr. Lazo can read his email, follow instructions and the rest of his group can stop pretending
they don't know him or who he or the fact they've helped him.
And delete his blackmail lies.

But we know that's not going to happen--though if I'm wrong, we're sure to know if a
representative of Mr. Lazo's [who is not one of his "truther" friends]sends an email with
"Craig Lazo" in subject header and the contents show good faith--which at minimum confirms
Lazo has deleted all content in his blog referring to Sparks or Genghis.

Until that unlikely time... possibly next up:

Proof a lawyer called Virginia "Ginny" Ross, not only knows Lazo, but tried to frame one of his targets
for Mr. Thomson's creepy videos!


Confirmation "the911stalker" shared an email list with Lazo's group's "arch enemies", a front group to
feed the cultists information about people opposing them!


Evidence of discussions Lazo had with other members to invite them to register at his forum,
and proof they did!

Until next time...we end with these wise words from Mr. Lazo

"Rep, you're still avoiding me. What are you afraid of?"

Yes, Mr. Lazo--what are you afraid of that you and your group can't follow simple instructions?